Plan & Design

TeachOnline@UW: Plan & Design is an immersive and collaborative faculty learning community that helps instructors plan and begin to design quality online courses. It is an opportunity to make significant progress on developing or redesigning an online course.

The program will connect participants via live webinars and online, immersing them in an authentic online learning experience using the Canvas learning management system.

  • While online, participants investigate pedagogical and technological best practices and connect with one another in discussions and other interactive activities.
  • In person or via webinar, participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their experiences and meet with experienced online instructors and instructional design experts to gain further insights and ideas.

The full array of engagements offers new and experienced online instructors a unique opportunity to focus their efforts, interact with peers, and work to create quality and active online learning environments for students.

Course goals:

  • Apply principles of instructional design and research-based quality standards to design/redesign online courses.
  • Draft a high-level plan for one course module that aligns objectives, assessments, instructional materials, and learning activities.
  • Develop a strategy for interaction and active learning in your online course.
  • Develop a course rhythm to intentionally structure course components.
  • Plan online instructional activities and assessments that foster critical thinking and student collaboration.

Summer 2022-apply now

Time Commitment:

– Participants spend three to four hours per online module at your own pace for a total of six interactive online modules (approximately 20-24 hours over 10 weeks).
–Meet for 1.5 hours via webinar every other week to further discuss the topics and participate in peer collaboration.


– June 20 to July 29, 2022 (online + webinars).
–  Start your course planning and discuss ideas with an instructional designer and other online instructors. Guest online instructors will also share their experiences.

View and download the detailed Google Sheet schedule.

Plan & Design features the following online course modules:

Module 1: Course Design
Module 2: Objectives & Alignment
Module 3: Assessment
Module 4: Instructional Materials
Module 5: Learner Interaction
Module 6: Putting It All Together

Participant feedback:

  • “It was a great combination of seeing and trying out examples, both at the level of general planning as well as specific activities.”
  • “Learning the pedagogy of online learning was invaluable.”
  • “It was well worth the effort to try and succeed and be able to say: “I can do this!”